Monday, January 14, 2008

The Wonderment that is Hong Su Jong.

Everyone knows the all around 'frontrunners' in Beijing: Johnson, Ferrari, Nistor, Yuyuan, Barbosa, ect. Well, make sure you don't leave out Hong Su Jong in the all around. She could medal in the all around in Beijing with just a few upgrades on a couple of her events.

She already made 2 finals last year, winning silver in Vault and being able to get into the heavely packed bars finals. Her floor is nice, with a full-in tucked, 2.5 punch front tuck, triple twist, and a double pike to finish. If she gets a barani or a layout after the 2.5 and upgrade all her dance skills from b's into C's, she would find herself with a routine 6.0+. And with her form, she could possibly find herself in EF.

And her beam, just like her floor, she would need just a few upgrades and work on her consistantcy and she'll be golden. She might be the dark horse in the all around hunt for a medal.

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Blogger said...

Hell yes. I love her, because of how she can crank in her twists, and because I think she is pretty balanced as an AA gymnast. GO N.KOREA!