Saturday, February 16, 2008

Emocity [American Cup]

So #1, no Jade Barbosa at the American Cup =[
Second, look at the line up.

Alyssa Brown, Canada
Xiao Tingting, China
Natalia Sanchez, Colombia
Joeline Moebius, Germany
Shawn Johnson, USA/West Des Moines, Iowa
Nastia Liukin, USA/Parker, Texas
Samantha Peszek, USA/Indianapolis, Ind.
Shayla Worley, USA/Orlando, Fla.

Lu Bo, China
Fabian Hambuechen, Germany
Hisashi Mizutori, Japan
Flavius Koczi, Romania
Alexander Artemev, USA/Lakewood, Colo.
Raj Bhavsar, USA/Houston
Paul Hamm, USA/Waukesha, Wis.
Jonathan Horton, USA/Houston

Now, the mens competition is (to quote Christian Siriano) "FIERCE", but on the womens side...yikes. And to make things even worse, Shayla Worley might not be competiting, she might be "injured" again. Its horrible. Mattie Larson might be competiting for her instead, but I've also heard that she isn't the replacement. At the next "verification camp", we will see who will compete. Other than the debut's of the American's new routines and upgrades and Xiao Tingting's bar routine (if NBC shows that), the competition on the womens side will be more than lackluster.

Ther American Cup is supposed to be aired "live" on March 1st on NBC.

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Anonymous said...

true, the women's competition may be lackluster but it still doesn't take away from the excitement of this year's American Cup. Johnson, Liukin, and Worley all going at it will definitely draw attention. And it'll be interesting to see how the other international gymnasts will perform even if they're not quite as esteemed as some of the US gymnasts. I guess it is the AMERICAN cup after all. I plan on going to this competition since it's the only one relatively close to where I live (2 hours by train) so yeaaa really excited. I have never seen any of these gymnasts live. and I'm really looking forward to seeing Johnson, Liukin, and Worley particularly...