Monday, March 31, 2008

Pacific Rim! <3

The Pacific Rim competition was held this weekend (29.Mar - 30.Mar)
And I have to say, I'm very pleased with the results (although some things went south)
Number 1. JANA BIEGER WON BARS! Nastia screwed up, majorily. She fell on her gienger, messed up her Pak Salto for the second night in a row, and landed very low on her double front half out, resulting in a score of 15.225 (A=7.4, B=7.825). Jana then went next with a solid routine, scoring a 15.550. Kristina Vaculik went after Jana and tied with Nastia for the silver medal. This result will GREATLY help Jana on her quest for the Olympic team. In qualifications in Stuttgart, our second highest bar worker scored a 15.000 (Shayla Worley). That puts Jana as one of the top 3 bar workers in the USA right now.
Number 2. DARLENE HILL WON FLOOR! With a 15.425 none-the-less! In second place was Daria Joura (15.300) and in third place was Anna Myzdrikova (15.050). The highest score on floor last year was Cheng Fei's 15.375 in qualifications at Worlds. Darlene Hill scored half a point above that. Both Daria's and Darlene's scores were high enough for Gold in event finals at Worlds (compared to Shawn Johnson's 15.250) The lowest score to get into finals was Jiang Yuyuan's 14.750, which means the top 3 would have made finals last year.
With those two things, I'm very happy =]


Anonymous said...

ok u didnt mention the most important thing that Nastia won AA and BB!!
and also, u dont seriously believe darlene or jana can make any event finals at a worlds or olympics. pac rim is more lenient with floor scores than worlds obviously. and janas form will never make it in the olympic scene

Anonymous said...

pacific rim scores are always inflated!