Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Highlights of Olympic Gymnastics So Far.

Okay, so event finals start in about 3.5 hours, I'm about to take a 3.5 hour nap so I can watch them, but here are some of the highlights for gymnastics so far for me.

Mens TF
-Sasha Artemev hitting his pommel routine. That's twice in a row at that point: and it came at a time when the USA really needed it. Major kudos to him.
-Jonathan Horton sticking every single dismount on the events he competed. That fact is pretty much amazing.

Womens TF
-China winning their first Olympic team gold. It all ended with Cheng Fei's floor which she hit beautifully (that floor converted me to a Cheng Fei fan). Deng Linlin's stuck double twisting yurchenko and Jiang Yuyuan's floor were also highlights for me.
-Romania hitting 12 for 12 and keeping their mark on gymnastics strong by finishing 3rd and winning the bronze medal. Steliana Nistor and Sandra Izbasa deserve major props for this feat, along with the rest of Romanian team.
-Japan finishing 5th place behind USA, China, Romania, and Russia. Kyoko Oshima's floor from team finals was absolutely spot on and has been my favourite routine performed at these games so far.

Mens AA
-Yang Wei finally getting his all-around Olympic gold, after missing it in Sydney and Athens.
-Kohei Uchimura recovering from falling twice on pommel horse to finish second. His floor routine was absolutely perfection.
-Beniot Caranobe getting the first AA medal for France in 80 years. He hit his routines solidly and that proved to be enough into letting him get the bronze.

Womens AA
-The duel between Nastia and Shawn. Nastia came out on top over Shawn: which lets hardcore gymn fans breathe a sigh of relief that artistry might come back to the sport.
-Yang Yilin. I personally still believe that she should had won, but to see her even medal was fabulous. In fact, the top group (sans Jiang Yuyuan's vault) performed without major error on all 4 events. That's really impressive.
-Krystina Palesova of CZE cheering on the other athletes after she finished her routines. You can see her on the NBC broadcast yelling for Nastia to hit her floor routine. I'm a sucker for sportsman ship like this :]


Anonymous said...

i saw that girl cheering for nastia at the sidelines too during the AA and was wondering who it was. Its nice to see these gymnasts can still support each other!

and jiang routine is just SOO cute!

blacklight985 said...

do u have a new youtube account? I would love to subscribe again- Penguin888 was awesome!