Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Gift

as my Christmas gift
I will delightfully share a video of my favorite junior in the world right now.
My favorite new favorite
Its the wonderful Peng Peng Lee [CAN]

She is the next Yvonne Tousek, Kate Richardson on the floor and beam. It seems weird, but every hugely great Canadian is good on both floor and beam, haha. Think about it, its true.

But, Peng Peng Lee has great routines, and is very promising for the 2008-2012 quad. If she stays pretty much uninjured, I think she will have a very successful career ahead of her.

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D'Andrea said...

I agree fully. I think she needs to not let nerves get to her and slow down some or she's going to let her best events become her nemesis. It was her faltering on beam that prevented her from becoming the AA champ at Elite Canada recently. She's got some tricks up her sleeve though. She unveiled a BHS+tucked back full combo on BB at Elite Canada that I wish to see a video of.