Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random Scores from Worlds.

So I was looking through the scores from qualifying at these years Worlds and found a few things that you might like.

Floor Exericse
-Shayla Worley scored a 14.650, was the 3rd best floor worker from the USA, and made it to 11th place, only 1 spot away from being a reserve.
-World Champion Shawn Johnson qualified 4th with a 15.150, .1 lower than in the finals.
-Cheng Fei, Alicia Sacramone, and Beth Tweddle all scored either the same or higher in qualifying on floor than Shawn Johnson did in event finals.
-Daria Joura and Shawn Johnson were given the same A-Scores in qualifying, same as Lauren Mitchell (6.100)
-Daiane Dos Santos was the highest qualifier from Brazil.
-The Lowest Score to make event finals was Jiang Yuyuan with a 14.750. Gymnasts Steliana Nistor, Yulia Lozhecko, and Daria Joura scored higher than that in the All-Around competition.

Uneven Bars
-In qualifications, Beth Tweddle qualified 3rd and Yang Yilin 4th. In finals, those switched.
-Three gymnasts qualified to the last spot of the final, but Hong Su Jong made it because she had the highest B-Score of the three [other two were Cha Yong Hwa and Daria Zgoba]
-Cha Yong Hwa had the highest A-Score on uneven bars in the competition with a 7.4
-The Lowest score in qualification to make the finals was Hong Su Jong's 15.525. Anja Brinker scored higher than this in the All-Around.

Balance Beam
-Lauren Mitchell qualified 11th, with the Top 8 going to the finals. But, because of the 2-Per Country rule, Sandra Izbasa, Alicia Sacramone, and Shayla Worley were all bumped out of the Top 8.
-Xiao Sha and Li Shanshan were the only 2 gymnasts who had A-Scores over 7.0
-The Lowest score in qualification to make the finals was 15.450 by Isabelle Severino and Lauren Mitchell. Vanessa Ferrari, Xiao Sha, and Yulia Lozhecko all scored higher than that in the AA Competition.

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