Sunday, May 25, 2008

The 2008 US Classic.

Okay, so today was my first meet.
And yeah, I'm still shaking =]
Here is what I can remember.

1) Ashley Stott
2) Corrie Lothrop
3) Randy Stageberg
4) Mackenzie Caquatto

VT (one vault) (all DTYs)
1) Mackenzie Caquatto
2) Corrie Lothrop
3) Britney Ranzy

1) Corrie Lothrop (14.7)
1) Christa Tanella (14.7)
3) Mackenzie Caquatto

1) Ashley Stott
2) Sarah Persinger
3) Christa Tanella

1) Randy Stageberg (15.3)
2) Corrie Lothrop
3) Ashley Stott

I filmed; [I'll post them on Sunday, since I'm on a hotel computer right now]
Randy Stageberg VT
Randy Stageberg UB
Randy Stageberg BB
Randy Stageberg FX
Christa Tanella FX
Amber Trani FX
Amber Trani VT
Britney Ranzy FX
Mackenzie Caquatto FX

Randi Stageberg was good. She did a nice DTY (got fourth in vault) and a fantastic floor. She did a Dos Santos, Full-In Pike, Double Twist, 5/2 + Layout, and Double Pike. She easily won floor. Bad stuff, she fell twice on beam, on her full twist w/ leg @ hor. and her side somi. I got to meet her after the meet, I was soo happy =D

Amber Trani was a letdown =[ She fell on her double pike on floor and only did a Yurchenko layout on vault.

I'm now a Corrie Lothrop fan. Her floor was fantastic. She fell hard on an Aerial Roundoff + Backhandspring Stepout + Backlayout sequence and missed the beam completely on her back layout.

Ashley Stott was a surprise. She has a DTY and a VERY nice floor. So much personality, reminds me of Joura. Marta was giving her a serious talk after she won the AA. =]

Caquatto fell on her 5/2 dismount on beam. Her head almost hit the end, it was scary.

Britney Ranzy was also a surprise. She had a HUGE double layout on floor, and a very nice DTY.

Carly Patterson was there, she was signing autographs and giving pictures (which I got both of). The "World Debut" of her music video happened also. It wasn't bad. =]


tehcadean said...

Ashley Stott looked very impressive at the 2008 Classic. How can I get more info, video on Ashley??

Justin [Penguin888] said...

I don't have any videos of Ashley.
Her official site is here...

Sara said...

Are the videos on youtube yet?
If so can you post a link??