Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moscow and Future Barcelona;

The Moscow World Cup was yesterday.
Here is what happened;;
  • Sui Lu bombed floor. She bailed out of her whip + triple, then fell on a 2.5 + tuck full.
  • Dasha Joura did okay. She was obviously tired from Australian Nationals and didn't have much endurance for the competition.
  • Nobody saw Jade Barbosa's floor routine. She made finals, but didn't medal: she was supposed to debut a 6.5 floor routine here. She was also supposed to debut her Cheng vault, but didn't.
  • Deng Linlin won beam and floor. Her and Sui Lu have been switched in just about every single Chinese Olympic prediction now. I'm still hoping Xiao Sha can make it to Beijing.
  • Pang Panpan also competed here, but just on bars. She messed up on an Ono-Half in finals, falling to second place behind Semenova.

Now, to Barcelona. He Kexin, Li Shanshan, and Xiao Sha were scheduled to compete, but He Kexin and Xiao Sha dropped out. Gaelle Mys is also scheduled to compete. The competition begins on June 6.

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