Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chinese Nationals Conclude::

The team layout for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing significantly changed with the passing of the 2008 Chinese Nationals. Some breakthroughs of the competition inlude Jiang Yuyuan, who debuted her Amanar, a two and one-half twisting yurchenko, and nailed it in both team and all around finals.

Jiang's combined scores in the all around were: VT - 16.100 | UB - 16.150 | BB - 15.750 | FX - 15.600. Jiang won the all around over Yang Yilin, after Yang qualified first in qualifications. She lost the title when she fell off during her new uneven bar routine, valued with a 7.7 A-Score.
The biggest surpise of these Nationals were that of Sui Lu. Her A-Scores of a 6.4 on floor and 7.1 on beam showed through tremendously, as she won event finals on balance beam and tied with Cheng Fei on floor for first.

This "upset" as it may be called rattled things up, displacing other favourites such as Li Shanshan and Xiao Sha for what might be the last spot on the Olympic team.

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