Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moscow and Future Barcelona;

The Moscow World Cup was yesterday.
Here is what happened;;
  • Sui Lu bombed floor. She bailed out of her whip + triple, then fell on a 2.5 + tuck full.
  • Dasha Joura did okay. She was obviously tired from Australian Nationals and didn't have much endurance for the competition.
  • Nobody saw Jade Barbosa's floor routine. She made finals, but didn't medal: she was supposed to debut a 6.5 floor routine here. She was also supposed to debut her Cheng vault, but didn't.
  • Deng Linlin won beam and floor. Her and Sui Lu have been switched in just about every single Chinese Olympic prediction now. I'm still hoping Xiao Sha can make it to Beijing.
  • Pang Panpan also competed here, but just on bars. She messed up on an Ono-Half in finals, falling to second place behind Semenova.

Now, to Barcelona. He Kexin, Li Shanshan, and Xiao Sha were scheduled to compete, but He Kexin and Xiao Sha dropped out. Gaelle Mys is also scheduled to compete. The competition begins on June 6.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The 2008 US Classic.

Okay, so today was my first meet.
And yeah, I'm still shaking =]
Here is what I can remember.

1) Ashley Stott
2) Corrie Lothrop
3) Randy Stageberg
4) Mackenzie Caquatto

VT (one vault) (all DTYs)
1) Mackenzie Caquatto
2) Corrie Lothrop
3) Britney Ranzy

1) Corrie Lothrop (14.7)
1) Christa Tanella (14.7)
3) Mackenzie Caquatto

1) Ashley Stott
2) Sarah Persinger
3) Christa Tanella

1) Randy Stageberg (15.3)
2) Corrie Lothrop
3) Ashley Stott

I filmed; [I'll post them on Sunday, since I'm on a hotel computer right now]
Randy Stageberg VT
Randy Stageberg UB
Randy Stageberg BB
Randy Stageberg FX
Christa Tanella FX
Amber Trani FX
Amber Trani VT
Britney Ranzy FX
Mackenzie Caquatto FX

Randi Stageberg was good. She did a nice DTY (got fourth in vault) and a fantastic floor. She did a Dos Santos, Full-In Pike, Double Twist, 5/2 + Layout, and Double Pike. She easily won floor. Bad stuff, she fell twice on beam, on her full twist w/ leg @ hor. and her side somi. I got to meet her after the meet, I was soo happy =D

Amber Trani was a letdown =[ She fell on her double pike on floor and only did a Yurchenko layout on vault.

I'm now a Corrie Lothrop fan. Her floor was fantastic. She fell hard on an Aerial Roundoff + Backhandspring Stepout + Backlayout sequence and missed the beam completely on her back layout.

Ashley Stott was a surprise. She has a DTY and a VERY nice floor. So much personality, reminds me of Joura. Marta was giving her a serious talk after she won the AA. =]

Caquatto fell on her 5/2 dismount on beam. Her head almost hit the end, it was scary.

Britney Ranzy was also a surprise. She had a HUGE double layout on floor, and a very nice DTY.

Carly Patterson was there, she was signing autographs and giving pictures (which I got both of). The "World Debut" of her music video happened also. It wasn't bad. =]

Friday, May 16, 2008

History is still being made.

He Kexin scored a 17.300 during prelims at the 2008 Tianjin World Cup.
She just gets better and better with every meet!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oshima's New Floor! [LOVE!]

Watch this;
It's Kyoko Oshima's new floor routine at the Tianjin World Cup this morning.

It's A-Score is 5.9
And it can be 6.1 with a few upgrades.
And she's already scored in the 15's with this routine (Highest being 15.1 at JPN Trials).
It seems to me that she might be on a path to the Beijing Floor Finasl!

BTW : If you didn't know, I absolutely LOVE this routine ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rosters for US Classic, Men's Nationals.

So, on top of being able to go to the Senior Women's US Classic, I have just bought my tickets to see the last day of the Senior Men's Nationals. I'm just on top of the world: I'm so happy!

Here is the roster for the US Classic.
Caquatto, Mackenzie Sr.
Davis, Chelsea Sr.
Lothrop, Corrie Sr.
Mohr, Katelyn Sr.
Stott, Ashley Sr.
Tanella, Christa Sr.
Atkinson, Caitlin Jr.
Bagby, Kathryn Jr.
Baker, Kennedy Jr.
Canizaro, Stephani Jr.
Caquatto, Bridgette Jr.
Carroll, Alexis Jr.
Casanova, Briley Jr.
Clark, Kaitlyn Jr.
DeJesus, Sophina Jr.
Lau, Randi Jr.
Lee, Sophia Jr.
Maxwell, Dare Jr.
More, Kamerin Jr.
Nguyen, Catherine Jr.
Parker, Brooke Jr.
Peko, Asi Jr.
Smith, Morgan Jr.
Wieber, Jordyn Jr.
Wofford, McKenzie Jr.

And here is the roster for the Men's Nationals.
Abdullah-Simmons, Taqiy Sr.
Alvarez, Guillermo Sr.
Artemev, Alexander Sr.
Bhavsar, Raj Sr.
Bilozertchev, Alexy Sr.
Block, Tyler Sr.
Brady, Kyle Sr.
Brooks, Chris Sr.
Bunthuwon, Kyson Sr.
Cantrambone, Joe Sr.
Christ, Colin Sr.
Corrigan, Geoffrey Sr.
Dixon, Josh Sr.
Durante, David Sr.
Elkind, Andrew Sr.
Gentry, Tim Sr.
Golden, Sean Sr.
Haagensen, Wesley Sr.
Hadden, Bryant Sr.
Hagerty, Joseph Sr.
Hamm, Morgan Sr.
Hamm, Paul Sr.
Henderson, Jamie Sr.
Henderson, David Sr.
Horton, Jonathan Sr.
Laury, Justin Sr.
Lee, Jake Sr.
Legendre, Steve Sr.
Leyva, Danell Sr.
Lieberman, Ryan Sr.
McNeil, Tim Sr.
Mesa, Edward Sr.
Mizoguchi, Tyler Sr.
Nakamori, Sho Sr.
Ruggeri, Paul Sr.
Sender, David Sr.
Spring, Justin Sr.
Stine, Greg Sr.
Strother, Clay Sr.
Tan, Kevin Sr.
Thornton, Todd Sr.
Tomita, Yewki Sr.
Townsend, Sean Sr.
Wilson, Blaine Sr.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chinese Nationals Conclude::

The team layout for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing significantly changed with the passing of the 2008 Chinese Nationals. Some breakthroughs of the competition inlude Jiang Yuyuan, who debuted her Amanar, a two and one-half twisting yurchenko, and nailed it in both team and all around finals.

Jiang's combined scores in the all around were: VT - 16.100 | UB - 16.150 | BB - 15.750 | FX - 15.600. Jiang won the all around over Yang Yilin, after Yang qualified first in qualifications. She lost the title when she fell off during her new uneven bar routine, valued with a 7.7 A-Score.
The biggest surpise of these Nationals were that of Sui Lu. Her A-Scores of a 6.4 on floor and 7.1 on beam showed through tremendously, as she won event finals on balance beam and tied with Cheng Fei on floor for first.

This "upset" as it may be called rattled things up, displacing other favourites such as Li Shanshan and Xiao Sha for what might be the last spot on the Olympic team.

Japanese Team Announced.

The NHK cup concluded May 6th, as the final competition before the Japanese team was chosen for the Olympics. This competition is to Japan as the US Trials are to America. The winners of this competition were Hiroyuki Tomita for the men and Kyoko Oshima for the women. Some upgrades were leaked via the IG site, where it was announced that Koko Tsurumi, the highest placing woman in the all around in worlds last year, have added another layout to her front aerial, bhs, back layout combo. Kyoko Oshima, the winner for the first time since 2002, said;

"I'm proud of myself to attend the Olympics again and I'm very happy...We'll unite and our goal is to proceed to the team final."

The 2008 Olympic Teams are as followed;
Mens : Hiroyuki Tomita, Kohei Uchimura, Koki Sakamoto, Takehiro Kashima, Makoto Okiguchi, Takuyo Nakase.
Womens : Kyoko Oshima, Miki Uemura, Yu Minobe, Koko Tsurumi, Yuko Shintake, Mayu Kuroda

Favourites for the teams that did not make it include
-Hisashi Mizutori
-He Xuemei
-Keiko Mukumoto
-Momoko Ozawa

Overall, the mens team has the capabilities for the silver medal again, just like at Worlds last year. The women's team might be able to fight for a spot in team finals, as their balance beam and floor scores have significanlty sky-rocketed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Japanese Olympic Trials

Here are the results of the second day of final trials for the women's gymnastics team.
1) Kyoko Oshima [59.250]
VT - 14.400 | UB - 14.700 | BB - 15.050 | FX - 15.100
2) Miki Uemura [59.100]
VT - 15.550 | UB - 14.800 | BB - 15.100 | FX - 14.650
3) Yuko Shintake [58.500]
VT - 14.400 | UB - 14.600 | BB - 15.400 | FX - 14.100
4) Koko Tsurumi [57.500]
VT - 13.900 | UB - 14.550 | BB - 14.550 | FX - 14.500
5) Yu Minobe [57.400]
VT - 13.550 | UB - 14.500 | BB - 14.700 | FX - 14.650
6) Mayu Kuroda [56.850]
VT - 13.000 | UB - 15.600 | BB - 15.400 | FX - 12.850
7) Momoko Ozawa [56.700]
VT - 15.000 | UB - 12.900 | BB - 14.750 | FX - 14.050
8) Manami Ishizaka [56.000]
VT - 13.800 | UB - 14.050 | BB - 14.200 | FX - 13.950
9) He Xuemei [55.100]
VT - 13.550 | UB - 14.200 | BB - 13.350 | FX - 14.000
10) Rie Tanaka [54.500]
VT - 13.800 | UB - 13.550 | BB - 13.450 | FX - 13.700

Overall results from trials are;
1) Kyoko Oshima
2) Miki Uemura
3) Yu Minobe
4) Koko Tsurumi
5) Yuko Shintake
6) Mayu Kuroda
7) Momoko Ozawa
8) Rie Tanaka
10) He Xuemei
12) Manami Ishizaka

Sunday, May 4, 2008

US Classic.

So I'm going to the Senior Womens US Classic!
I'm so excited!
But I don't have any clue that most of the competitors there will be.
I've heard Ashley Priess will be there.
And from my own observations: Randi Stageberg.
But who else?
Please tell me if you have heard anything!*right down there, with comments*

New Montages!

I have two new montages!
The first is a competition montage of the 2008 Europeans (my first competition montage ever!) The song doesn't have a name, its just the Rolex Commercial song.

And the other is a new floor montage. The song is "I Can't Decide" by The Scissor Sisters.

Oh, the song is not censored. =]