Thursday, June 5, 2008

Podium Training Videos

Here are some videos from Podium training last night.
Sam Peszek's Bars

Chellsie Memmel's Bars

Ivana Hong's Bars


Anonymous said...

I like Sam P and Chelsie's but Ivana... arg! She does the same thing that Nastia does. The whole Head up, arch your back and then swing down. It's digusting

Anonymous said...

chellsie is amazing but even if she had a DTY, she wud never place higher than nastia or shawn. she was more than a point behind nastia, who had 1.1 deducted on the double front for falling and going OOB. if everyone hits, chellsie with a DTY (even tho she fell everytime she did a 1.5) would still be more than a point behind liukin and shawn