Friday, June 6, 2008

US Nationals: Day 1

Yesterday was the start of the 2008 US Nationals in Boston. Not surprisngly, Shawn Johnson is in first after the prelims, scoring a 16 or above in three different events (Vault: 16.00, Beam: 16.00, Floor: 16.050). As you can tell, Shawn was grossly overscored on all her events.

Shawn Johnson's Vault: Amanar: Score-16.000
Nastia Liukin is second in the all around, starting off with a bad performance on the floor exercise (falling out of bounds on her double front), then regaining her composure on vault with a stuck 1.5 yurchenko. She had the highest score of the night, a 17.050 on the uneven bars. She also had the highest score on beam, with a 16.100. The judges were very generous with her scores also.

Nastia Liukin's Bars: 7.7 A-Score: 17.050
The greatest thing thats happened so far in these Nationals? Chellsie Memmel. She is third in the standings after prelims, with the second best score on both beam (16.050) and the second highest on bars (16.000). She dumped her "I Love Rock n'Roll" routine and returned to her 2005-2006 one, in which she added a piked double arabian. She only vaulted a full twisting yurchenko, which kept her from placing above Nastia or Shawn, but still, Chellsie's became another lock for the Olympic team.
Most of everyone else did not perform their best. Alicia Sacramone was a little off on her beam and floor routine, she didn't even finish her double pike finish on floor before the music ended. Samantha Peszek was fourth after prelims, with no highlights on any events. Jana Bieger is currently fifth, which is great after being lowballed by the judges on all her events. Jana currently has a double layout with a full twist and a double layout in her routine now.
Randy Stageberg was also lowballed, getting only a 14.700 on her double twisting yurchneko. Her teammate, Britney Ranzy, however, is making a splash with her double twisting yurchenko, placing third on vault so far with a 15.050. She is also vaulting a Podkopayeva as her second vault.

Here are a few links to watch more videos:
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Anonymous said...

wow. a 17.050... i definitely think nastia was overscored

Anonymous said...

no nastia was overscored on day 2 but not on day 1.

day 1 she got a 9.35 which is pretty fair considering it was a good routine