Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Women's US Nationals Stuff! [Wed]

Okay, so podium training started yesterday and has continued through to today. Here are some information and rumours coming through about the girls so far.

Tuesday: June 3 Training

  1. Ashley Priess hasn't been seen at Podium Training, and her name has been taken off the official start list for the event. =[
  2. Bridget Sloan is looking really good on bars. She has apparently fixed her foot form problem, has great handstands, and has a full twisting double layout dismount.
  3. Shayla Worley has been rumoured with a back injury and it's not official whether she'll be competing her not, but she has still praticed at training, her beam looks great and she was doing individual skills on bars: no tumbling so far.
  4. Nastia's vaults have gotten better, and her beam and bar sets look solid.
  5. Shawn Johnson's new music apparently isn't a Mozart/Beethoven piece, but one that sounds more "hollywood." She did the Amanar twice and looked solid on the other events
  6. Ivana Hong's DTY (double twisting yurchenko) looks great, and she also has a double front on floor.
  7. Chellsie's working on a 7.2 bar set. She has brought back her Dos Santos on floor and has returned to her 2005-2006 routine.
  8. Sam Peszek's vaults looked iffy and troubled. She had a great double double on floor but had trouble with her 5/2 + Layout Full pass.

Wednesday: June 4 Training

  1. Shawn Johnson looks strong. Struggled on her switch leap, layout stepout, back pike pass on beam. Just did skills on bars.
  2. Alicia Sacramone has the same routine as she has had for the last two years, same tumbling and everything. She just did timers on vault.
  3. Chellsie Memmel is looking like a lock for the team. She did her 2006 routine, only with better form. She's hitting everything on all events. She has a Yurchenko 1.5.
  4. Shayla Worley looked miserable, not hitting any of her events. She doesn't look like she'll be on the team now.
  5. Ivana Hong's DTY's still look great. She is having problems with the double front on floor. She also is missing her connections on beam.
  6. Samantha Peszek is looked ragged. She upgraded floor (3/2 through to a Double Pike), but is inconsistant.
  7. Amber Trani has her DTY back, very Nistor like.

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