Monday, June 9, 2008

An Izbasa Upgrade.

I would like to share with you
a floor routine from Sandra Raluca Izbasa
She changed her first pass, I suggest you pay close attention.

Her first pass is a back-layout 1 1/2 twist immediate front-layout double twist.
She follows that up with a tucked full-in, then a back-layout 2 1/2 twist immediate front-layout full. Her fourth pass is a back-layout double twist and she wraps up with a back-layout triple twist.
Saying she got credited with everything here, her A-Score comes out to 6.5.
Why'd she upgrade then? Her Euros routine had a 6.5.
Well, here's why.
The back-layout double twist, she will not do that in Beijing.
Rumors have flown about the possibility of a 6.7 and a 6.8 routine.
She can have a 6.7 routine if she changes the tucked full-in to piked and adds a tucked full-in as a fourth pass.
She could get a 6.9 with this routine.

Roundoff, Whip, Piked Full-In [A+E] (.2 bonus)
Roundoff, Back-Layout 1 1/2 + Front Double Twist [C+D] (.2 bonus)
Triple Spin [C]
Roundoff, BHS, Back-Layout 2 1/2 + Front Layout Full [D+C] (.2 bonus)
Roundoff, BHS, Tucked Full-In [E]
Switch Split 1/1 [C] + Switch Split 1/2 [C]
Roundoff, BHS, Back-Layout Triple Twist [E]
Total Skills
A[CCCCCDDEEE] (.6 bonus)
4.4 + 2.5 for requirments.

Even if she doesn't upgrade to the routine I've just posted, a 6.7 in Beijing will be huge, and most likely the highest A-Score on floor there.



Anonymous said...

whip to piked full in is extremely difficult and when has she ever competed 1.5 to double front full??

Anonymous said...

she just DID one in the video above dude!


I agree with the 6.7, but I don't know where you are getting this whip-full in pike from.

Did you just pluck that out of the air or is it based on anything?

Justin [Penguin888] said...

There has been some word of her doing a whip+triple, and (I did kinda pluck this out of air) I was thinking that a whip + full-in would be easier since she has more energy and she wouldn't risk getting the triple downgraded.

But as I said, I have heard rumours of her having a 6.8 routine, but I can't figure out what the extra tenth could be. My best guess would be a quad spin intead of a triple.