Thursday, June 19, 2008


I won't be able to update this blog for a week!
And a very important week in US Gymnastics.
The week after trials!
I'm going to The University of Texas Diving Camp
coached by one of the top US Diving coaches right now: Matt Scogin.
But yeah, so from next Sunday (22nd) through till Friday (27th)
I'lll be in Austin.
So I can finally beat PECOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jmanda86 said...

He can't be that great if he doesn't have anyone at Trials right now... if you want a great coach/camp go to IU, although Jeff Huber may have a girl at the Olympics (like he has for quite some time) so he may be absent this summer.

Justin [Penguin888] said...

Well, it's too late to go anywhere for diving camp. I've already paid for everything and everything.

And also, he has to be pretty good since he's doing something at the trials. He's only at camp last week and next week.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at camp. We'll miss you. My son and I read your bog and love your videos. He's also a former gymnast who is considering diving. One thing he wishes for is more videos of you on YouTube. He thinks you're "really really cute" and wishes that you guys "were on the same team." I told him to lay off because you were probably taken. :)