Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exciting Chellsie Memmel Upgrades Confirmed

From this article.

Memmel has added a tumbling pass (a tucked double Arabian) to her floor routine and has improved her vault to a double Yurchenko, which adds needed difficulty to her routine.

Going off of A-Score at the last day of Olympic Trials, these upgrades raise her A-Score all-around total to 26.1 (She has 5.8, 7.0, 6.9, 6.4 now) Now, the shocking part. Nastia Liukin's A-Score total which is only 26.00 (5.5, 7.7, 6.6, 6.2). And it's been a realistic possibility that Chellsie could beat Nastia, as exhibited at the last day of Olympic Trials when Chellsie placed second over Nastia for that day. These upgrades now confirmed for Chellsie will further aid her in creating Shawn Johnson and Chellsie Memmel the all-arounders for the USA.

Other upgrades I've heard about for both Nastia and Chellsie
-Nastia wanting to upgrade beam from 6.6 to 6.8 (creating a piked version of the "Nistor", the tucked front aerial to arabesque/scale)
-Chellsie wanting to upgrade bars to 7.2
-Nastia might having a DTY (she's been working on it, and has done it one camp (before Nationals and Trials) where she crashed it and hasn't tried it at competition since.
-Chellsie connecting the Front Aerial to Side Somi on beam to get a 7.1 A-Score.

Now Beijing (if we didn't know already) will be very interesting :]


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy for chellsie, coming back even better than before. I hope all three hit in qualifications and the best two make it to the finals. what an upset if chellsie gets in there, you have to love the underdog. I love all three but i've been rooting for Chellsie all year.
hopefully she hits her double Y turn on floor too, that will give her an extra tenth, if she can get it all the way around like at the 05 worlds... your right it will be a very interesting olympics

Anonymous said...

I think nastia and chellsie will be in the AA final in beijing primarily because valeri and woga know how to make their gymnnasts peak (nastia in 07 worlds and carly in 04 olympics are good examples).
Chellsie is doing an excellent job as well and i am happy for her. Shawn needs to be worried because her intended SV is lower than chellsie's and if she doesn't get things credited, it will be MUCH lower than nastia and chellsie's start vallues

Emily said...

I love Chellsie. This is exactly the news I've been waiting to hear. So exciting.

Anonymous said...

do you know if she's doing the two whips into the arabian or is she just doing it alone??

Penguin888 said...

From the original article, it sounds like she is doing it without the whips.

September_cake said...

Hey! Great blog and entry! Iv added a link from my blog!
If Chellsie can hit with her upgrades and Nastia (or even Shawn) have even a tiny mistake she certainly could take their AA spot. Especially since she is such a fierce competitor and has something to prove.

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Alex said...

as usual nastia's "upgrades" sound like total bullshit and not even that hard, except for maybe the DTY.
what a bull-shitter of a code-wore.

Thiago_Simões said...

I didn't know how to inform you of this, so I just felt like posting here. Contrary to what I commented earlier, Ethiene Franco seems to be the one to take the sixth spot in the Brazilian team. It looks like the team will be comprised of Daiane dos Santos, Daniele Hypólito, Jade Barbosa, Laís Souza, Ana Cláudia Silva and Ethiene Franco. The coach Oleg Stapenko does not believe that the team could hope for a medal as it is, since Ethiene is extremely inexperienced in international competitions and her gymnastics is not very difficult or artistic enough. Too bad, I had high hopes that Khiuane Dias would come back alive and kicking and that would make Brazil a stronger team for the finals. What is even worse is that Ostapenko does not even believe in an individual medal for Jade or Daiane. He said to a Brazilian website, Uol Esportes, that Daiane is too old to try a medal and that Jade "lacks gymnastics". Of course this is grammatically wrong even in Portuguese, but this statement is more than enough for fans to feel devastated. I really hope that Jade or Daiane miraculously earn the first medal in gymnastics for Brazil. I am confident that Diego Hypólito will be the world champion on Floor, so in this scenario Jade's or Daiane's hypothetical medal would not Brazil's first, but these girls surely deserve a medal. Of course almost nobody cares about Brazilian gymnastics, but it is amazing to see how this sport has grown in popularity in the last 5 years. Jade, Diego and Daiane are national celebrities. I just wish all of them could get a medal. Well, I hope the best for them at the Olympic Games, but now I feel really bad for the girls...

Penguin888 said...

Thanks for the comment Thiago_Simões. I just read that article and was saddened by Oleg's attitude, but I do believe that Brazil has chances to win some medals in Beijing, with Jade in the AA and VT and Daiane on FX. I don't think they'll medal as a team, Romania and Russia are looking too strong right now but you never know what will happen at the Olympics!

Anonymous said...

es were well put by Alex.

She is a code whore. Smart way to compete I guess but her beam annoys me.

All she does is connect d's to make bonus points.

Her A score is a joke because of this lame code.