Thursday, July 24, 2008

Talking about Chinese gangs...(and more pictures)

We should all be familiar with the "Li Ning" sign, the one that Jiang Yuyuan is modeling on the right. Now, what the heck is the girl to the left of Jiang Yuyuan doing? Since Li Ning is like Nike, is that symbol for the Chinese version of Adidias or something? Then there is Zhou Zhuoru (middle bottom, with the shades) who looks like she's holding a plant, being as fierce and fabulous as always.

If I was a Chinese gymnast, I would be Jiang Yuyuan. I would so cute that random strangers would give me free candy on the street: like Sweet Tarts and Yan-Yan! Yums.

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Cheng said...

OMG Sui Lu looks so depressed :(