Thursday, July 17, 2008

USA Camp Updates;

Kindly provided by KittyPie and Ingrid of the WWGym forum.

The format of the camp is as follows
-Yesterday and Today were training days.
-Tomorrow is an All Around competition
-Saturday, Marta will choose two events that she wants the gymnasts to perform on.
-The USA team will be announced between 7PM and 8PM central time on Saturday.
-The Team will fly to be on the Today Show on Sunday Morning for the "official" announcement.
  • Make sure you watch for updates on the NBCOlympics webpage. They will be posting videos of the competitions Friday and Saturday.

And here are the gymnast updates;

-Samantha Peszek looked jittery at the beginning of practice, so bad it looked like she was coming down from a peak. She started getting into her own groove come the end of practice.

-Jana Bieger looks like normal, nothing standing out about her.

-Ivana Hong might have a knee injury. It's been reported that after dismounting from beam, she fell to the ground grabbing her knee.

-Shayla Worley is looking good again, she might indeed be the sixth member on the Olympic Team.

I'll post more whenever I find out more important information.

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TCO said...

Do you think Marta uses the show two events for looking for decisions? (Sac on BB) Or for practice where she knows she will use people? (Sac on FX, VT). After all she has the benefit of having seen a lot of training and of the AA the day before.