Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top Ten Most Original Floor Routines

These are (in my opinion) the ten most original floor exercises ever performed. This was a hard list to compile, but I agree with the end list. They are in no particular order.

Maria Teresa Gargano

Yvonne Tousek

Stella Umeh

Camelia Voinea

Irina Breigina

Gaelle Mys

Silvia Mitova

Svetlana Khorkina

Peng Peng Lee

Yang Yun

The reason that neither Boginskaya nor Strazheva were included was summed up best by mrparke007 at WWGym.

"The problem is that Boginskaya, Strazheva, and Laschenova all received the same modern dance training. I wouldn't call them each unique. They are expressive and precise dancers, but they are not unique."

I hope you enjoyed these videos. If there is another gymnast that just screams UNIQUE to you, post it in a comment! I'd love reading others opinions on these and other original floor workers.


XMaestro said...

What about Hope Spivey-Sheely?
Check out her routine from the 1994 NCAA Championships. The dance sequence after her second pass is pure genius.

Jmanda86 said...

Shantessa Pama is my favorite dancer of recent years.

Also, UCLA's Ariana Berlin...Miss Val has created a lot of routines that are fantastic.

Giulyx14 said...

Tell me what you think of this:)
it's very original!!!

Penguin888 said...

Xmaestro, having the choreography go backward like it did, that was pretty awesome.

And Shantessa Pama is really good as well. I liked her 2004 routine but didn't like her 2005/2006 routine.

And I'll check the other ones now :]

Anonymous said...

First of all, how does Laschenova, Strazheva, and Bogi all receiving the "same modern dance training" NOT MAKE THEM UNIQUE? Many countries and gyms receive the same type of dance training, how does that NOT MAKE them different if they express themselves in routines as well as those three above did? The reasoning is like saying, "Well I don't think you're the best and neither are those two because you all had the same coach so what is so special about you three?" LAME. LAME. LAME.

88chalky88 said...

How about Lisa Skinner from Australia, her arabian-inspired Sydney 2000 floor routine? I've always loved that choreography!

Her shoulder flex in her dance is definitely unique!

Randy said...

xmaestro, you are right on. That was a perfect 10.0 routine. Hope was awesome. She was my daughter's coach for years. I believe she still holds the record for the most perfect 10s.

Randy B.

Anonymous said...

I really liked TAbitha Yim's 2004 routine. The music is the same as one of your posted routines, but I loved her creativity and expression!

Dylan Glynn said...

what about kate richardson? her 04 routine was pretty original/awesome