Friday, July 4, 2008

Gymnastics Report!

Some things happening in the gymnastics community right now.

  • Kristina Vaculik has injured her elbow, causing her to drop from the first alternate position for the Canadian team. Alyssa Brown has replaced her as first alternate. Nansy Damianova and Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs are the two competiting members on the Canadian team.
  • The 2008 Russian Cup is going on right now. Ksenia Afanasyeva is in the all-around lead after prelims with a 60.800, and Ksenia Semenova is right behind her with a 60.750. Both counted one fall, Afanasyeva on floor and Semenova on beam. Prospects for the Olympics are pretty high for these two. Svetlana Klyukina is in a surpising third (and when I say surpising, I mean a good surpise; I love Klyukina's gymnastics) ahead of Anna Pavlova. Dissapointing results for Yulia Lozhecko and Yelena Zamolodchikova. Lozhecko is in 12th after prelims, and Zamo is 13th.
  • The Mediterraneo Gym Cup starts tomorrow, July 5th. At this meet are three full teams, Romania, Italy, and Brazil. Participating are all the big names from these countries: Sandra Izbasa, Steliana Nistor, Vanessa Ferrari, Jade Barbosa, and Daiane Dos Santos. You can find more information here, at the official site.

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