Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is Daiane Dos Santos's recent floor routine at the 2008 Mediterraneon Cup. She was given an A-Score of 6.1, and a B-Score of 8.3. Now, at first glance, a B-Score of 8.3 means a major mistake, like a gallop out of bounds or a fall. But not here. Daiane hit her routine pretty much to her best ability and still got an 8.3.

Now, her B-Score isn't the only thing that was underscored, so was her A-Score. Here is the breakdown of what she attempted here.

Double Arabian Layout (G)
Full-In Tuck (E)
Double L Turn (C)
Switch Leap (B) + Switch Side Half (C)
Strug (C)
Double Layout (F)
Double L Leap (C)
Switch Half (C)
Front Pike (A) thru to a Double Pike (D)

B - .2
CCCCC - 1.7
D - 2.1
E - 2.6
F - 3.2
G - 3.9
Requirements - 2.5
Total A-Score : 6.4

Now, I can see devauluing the double L turn, giving her a 6.3, but to have a 6.1 the judges must have devaulued two other skills a letter.

And on to some good news for Daiane, after her performance at the Brazillian Nationals this year, she said that the only pass she was planning on keeping was the Double Arabian Layout. Then, she had a whip+double tuck as a third pass that's now a double layout, and she added the front stepout to her double pike. But that full-in is still there! Since she's most likely changing that for Beijing, what seems the most realistic pass for this pattern would be a full-in double layout. That would raise her to a 6.6, which puts her into serious medal contention with Cheng Fei (6.5), Shawn Johnson (6.6), and Sandra Izbasa (6.7).


Anonymous said...

maybe if she stopped bouncing all over the place, she might get higher B-scores

Anonymous said...

I think her b-score is correct, she didn't land one skill properly- not even her leaps! She also had bent legs in almost everything. Her double turn definately would have been downgraded because the leg was nowhere near horizontal most of the way around and I think maybe the arabian double layout was termed a pike as she was pretty bent at the hips.

I think her dynamic tumbling is exciting but her execution is very poor, which I guess is the reason for the low b-score

Anonymous said...

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Giulyx14 said...

Daiane's form is very poor!!
I think the judges know what they do ...The score is right!

Giulyx14 said...

Sandra Izbasa 6.7 A score on floor??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Penguin888 said...

I appreciate these comments left my haters on my blog. These comments have led to me moderating comments from now on since some people can't be mature on my site. I do appreciate the views though, I'm glad people are reading the blog.

-Justin (Penguin888)

Anonymous said...

Daiane is able to have a series like this:

Double arabian layout (G)
Tsukahara stretched (G)
whip + tsukahara tucked (G)
Double layout (F)

A: 7.0!!!!!!