Friday, July 18, 2008

Scores from Day 1 of USA Selection Camp

Shawn Johnson - 63.60
Nastia Liukin - 62.65
Bridget Sloan - 61.40
Samantha Peszek - 60.80
Ivana Hong - 60.60
Corrie Lothrop - 60.20
Jana Bieger - 60.10
Chelsea Davis - 59.90
Mattier Larson - 59.70
Alicia Sacramone - 47.45
Chellsie Memmel - 15.90

Floor Exercise
Shawn Johnson - 15.800
Mattie Larson - 15.400
Bridget Sloan - 15.300
Alicia Sacramone - 15.300
Samantha Peszek - 15.300
Chelsea Davis - 15.150
Nastia Liukin - 15.150
Corrie Lothrop - 15.100
Jana Bieger - 15.100
Ivana Hong - 15.000
Chellsie Memmel - scratched

Shawn Johnson - 15.950
Alicia Sacramone - 15.950
Bridget Sloan - 15.300
Samantha Peszek - 15.200
Corrie Lothrop - 15.100
Ivana Hong - 15.000
Chelsea Davis - 14.950
Jana Bieger - 14.800
Nastia Liukin - 14.700
Mattie Larson - 14.600
Chellsie Memmel - scratched

Uneven Bars
Nastia Liukin - 16.600
Shawn Johnson - 15.650
Ivana Hong - 15.300
Bridget Sloan - 15.200
Chelsea Davis - 15.200
Samantha Peszek - 14.800
Jana Bieger - 14.800
Corrie Lothrop - 14.700
Mattie Larson - 14.700
Chellsie Memmel - scratched
Alicia Sacramone - scratched

Balance Beam
Nastia Liukin - 16.200
Alicia Sacramone - 16.200
Shawn Johnson - 16.200
Chellsie Memmel - 15.900
Bridget Sloan - 15.600
Samantha Peszek - 15.500
Jana Bieger - 15.400
Corrie Lothrop - 15.300
Ivana Hong - 15.300
Mattie Larson - 15.000
Chelsea Davis - 14.600

Chellsie Memmel dropped out of her floor routine after bouncing out of her double layout. Shortly after, her back, neck, and shoulders were being rubbed by Bela Karolyi, and Bela has said she'll be alright. She warmed up a Yurchenko 1/1 on vault, but didn't compete, and then put her grips on for bars, but didn't compete there yet again. She did decide, however, to compete on the balance beam, so it looks like scratching the earlier events was just a procaution.

*Thanks to those who gave me the few extra scores that were missing!


Anonymous said...

Ivana Hong got a 15.0 on FX

Anonymous said...

WHERE is shawn's bb score?

Nik said...

Hong Third on bars! That's something new!

Ali said...

According to the LA Times, Shawn Johnson received a 16.2 on beam.

Here's the link:

Nik said...

Ivana Thrid on bars! There's something new!!

Anonymous said...


alicia must up her a-score on floor if she wants to be in contention for a medal

Penguin888 said...

Well, Alicia did upgrade her floor some at this camp: she took out the front layout full and added back in her triple twist.

Courtney said...

Penguinn -- why didnt Alicia's score reflect the upgrade. I read the quickhits -- was she that off. Does this routine have the potential to medal??

Penguin888 said...

From what I read, she was shaky on her landings, went OOB on her double arabian, and landed low on her double pike.

Anonymous said...

The scoring is interesting. It doesn't look like the chronically overscored girls were given that favorable treatment, perhaps on Martha's instructions in order to see how people really compared.

Looking at these scores, there is a good case to be made for keeping Sam Peszek off the team in favor of Bridget and Mattie, now that Bridget's DTY is ready. Did Sam peak at trials or is something else up? It will be interesting to see how things turn out.

I think it's safe to say at this point that Jana Beiger will not be on the team.

Penguin888 said...

Bieger still has a chance for the team. She got a 14.8 with a fall and missed connection (because of the fall) on bars yesterday. That means with the eight tenths back in for the fall and one tenth back in for the connection, she has a 15.700, higher than Shawn. If she hits to that level today, she'll be on the team.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else nervous for Sam Peszek? Those scores were less-than-favorable for her chances. Maybe she was underscored to see if she could handle the pressure? eeek!

Alex said...

Shawn must have had an pretty off beam day to only have gotten the same as Nastia. I hope she hits a lot better in Beijing in aa and ef

Anonymous said...

Shawn got a 16.2 which is pretty darn high. Her and Nastia have been typically scoring around the same on beam.